Products to be Exhibited

Carpet Cleaning Equipments
Carpet Cleaning Machines
Carpet Squeezing, Rinsing, Drying Dusting Machines
Manual Scrubbing Machines
Blanket and Quilt Washing Machines
Industrial Brushes
Carpet Cleaning Chemicals, Detergents

Dry Cleaning Facility Equipments
Dry Cleaning Machines
Steam Generators
Industrial Irons
Mannequin ironing machines
Stain removal tables
Dress packing machines
Ironing table
Automatic Ironing Board
Stain Cleaning Machine
Hangers, Label and Packaging Producers
Washing Chemicals, Detergents

Car Wash Equipment
Steam Car Wash Machines
Mop Washing Equipment
Coin Washing Machines
Auto Accessories
Tunnel Type Car Wash Machines
Car Washing Chemicals, Detergents
Automation and Software
Laundry Facility Equipment
Washing and squeezing machines
Coin-Operated Washing Machines
Heavy Duty Washing and Tightening Machines
Tumble dryers

Dry cleaning machines
Rotary ironing machines res ironing machines
Drying machines with belt drying
Folding Machines
Towel Folding Machines
Automation and Software